Libero 2.0 Electronic Opening System

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  • Product Dimensions – Width: 157 mm
  • Product Dimensions – Depth: 300 mm
  • Finish: Light Gray
  • Product Dimension – Height: 33 mm

Advantages and benefits:

  • for base cabinets from 12 in (300 mm) to 24 in (600 mm) wide, equipped with top-mount hang-through waste bins like eurocargo and se-cargo (series 3614, 4614, and 4719).
  • mounts in the bottom-front section of the base cabinet (not adapted for framed cabinets).
  • can be retrofitted.
  • easy opening by foot laser-sensor or optionally by voice activation through smart home (alexa).
  • no unintended opening.
  • low voltage device, 5 v, 2 a input, with usb-c socket.
  • power supply by electrical driver for 110 v to 230 v outlets, with 78 3/4 in (2 m) usb-c/usb cable and international adapters (all included in the set).
  • integrated location led lighting, may be dimmed or switched off through web browser.
  • push-out force and laser sensitivity can also be adjusted via web settings.
  • intelligent control, identifies obstacles thanks to friction clutch system.
  • splash water-proof according to ip 21 certification.
  • ul and csa certified.
  • extension will vary depending on weight of content and width of the cabinet.
  • can be used with most common bottom drawers but application shouldn’t exceed 88 lb (40 kg) and 36 in (900 mm) wide cabinet application.


For base cabinets with no frame on the bottom, and equipped with top-mount waste bins. Can also be used for deep bottom drawers. Mainly used in kitchen applications.

Technical documentation click here

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Weight 2 lbs


Libero 2.0 Opening System Data Sheet, Libero 2.0 Opening System Instruction

Libero 2.0 Opening System Data Sheet
Download PDF
Libero 2.0 Opening System Instruction
Download PDF