High Limit Immersion Aquastat (200°F)

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Immersion type controllers for hydronic heating systems that turn off the burner whenever the boiler water temperature rises to the setpoint. Vertical mounting.

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  • High Limit Aquastat Controller has adjustable set point 
  • Models available for use with immersion wells or for direct immersion if faster response is needed 
  • A factory-set stop is available on L4080 to prevent setting the control at too high a temperature 
  • Models available with second limit switch to shut off all gas to the burner
  • Liquid fill in sensing element expands as the boiler temperature rises
  • At the set point temperature, a diaphragm-actuated snap switch breaks the power supply to the burner primary control
  • Temperature Range: Maximum – 40°F above setpoint or 265°F, which ever is lower
  • Operating Temperature Range: 100°F to 200°F
  • Differential Temperature: 8 °F
  • Switching Action: Breaks contact on temperature rise to set point
  • Model: L4080B1352
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