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Hafele USB Converter, Loox ESC 2001 Modular, Round



Model: ESC 2001

  • For direct installation in furniture
  • Charges up to two tablets or smartphones simultaneously, providing additional functionality
  • The cover ring can be removed
  • Input voltage: 12 VDC; Output voltage: 5 VDC
  • Output power: 10 W; Output current: 2.0 A

Application: Charges up to 2 tablets or smartphones simultaneously
Installation: For mounting in drilled hole, for clamp fixing
Features: With clip fastener
Power consumption: Max: 15 W
Volts: 12 V
Output voltage: 5 V
Output current: 2.00 A
Diameter: (1 9/16″) 40 mm
Height: (1″) 25 mm
Drill bit Ø: (1 3/8″) 35 mm
Material: Plastic

Supplied with 1 USB charging station

Required products
Driver, Häfele Loox5, Constant voltage, 12 V
Distributor, Häfele Loox, 6-way, box to box with switching function, 12 V
Adapter, Loox device – Loox5 driver
Lead, for modular Loox consumers, 12 V, with snap-in connector
Lead, for modular Loox consumer, 12 V, without snap-in connector

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Matt Black, Matt Nickel, Matt White