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3.5 kW Electric Tankless Water Heater


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  • On demand hot water. Flow switch activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss)
  • Endless hot water – no storage capacity to run out 
  • Easy installation. No T&P relief valve needed (check local codes), only one cold water line need be brought to installation, mounts on wall
  • High temperature limit switch with automatic reset
  • Optional flow restricting aerator (for EX-DL models) ensures proper temperature rise. Standard with SP models
  • Ni Chrome element – a unique, patented flow path ensures optimum heat transfer and extended element life 
  • Min. Dynamic Operating Pressure: 35 PSI
  • Max. Dynamic Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Rhase: Single
  • Amperage: 29
  • Wire Size: 10 AWG
  • Model: SP3512
Weight 4 lbs



3.5 kW


Specification Series One Controlled


Specification Series One Controlled
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