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  • SKU:5283

    10.1 oz. Silicone Tub & Tile Waterproof Sealant (Clear)


    For projects that may be exposed to moisture, protect your kitchen, bathroom and other plumbing fixtures with permanently waterproof Silicone Tub & Tile sealant.

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  • SKU:8841

    3/4″ x 1429″ PTFE Thread Seal Tape (Blue)


    Blue Monster is a higher-quality PTFE sealing tape that is easier to apply. Blue Monster has not been stretched during the manufacturing process, so it is thicker and creates a more effective seal with less tape, and no need for pipe dope. Use Blue Monster on threads made from galvanized steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, ABS, fiberglass and more.

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  • SKU:1814

    95/5 Lead Free Solder Wire


    Lead-free alloy of 95% tin and 5% antimony 3 mm, 0.125″, 1lb. 450°F – 464°F melting range

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  • SKU:1811

    Hercules 14 oz. Sta Put Plumbers Putty, 25101


    Sta Put® plumbing, sealing and caulking compound provides superior sealing properties with a smooth appearance when setting plumbing fixtures, bowls, faucets, basin cocks, strainers, plugs and sink frames.

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  • SKU:4797

    Hercules 32 oz. Boiler Liquid, #30115


    Boiler Liquidseals and repairs cracks and leaks in steam or hot water hot water heating boilers. The long lasting seal expands and contracts with heat, resists pressure, and is not affected by boiler cleaners.

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  • SKU:1803

    Hercules 32 oz. Dark Cutting Oil, 40215


    Dark Cutting Oil is compounded for cutting clean, unbroken threads when using high-speed threading machines on steel or brass pipe. Low torque means less work, less heat generated and a longer life for tools.

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  • SKU:6617

    Hercules 32 oz. Glug Liquid Drain Opener (bath), 20450


    Glug® Liquid Drain Opener offers specific formulations that clear sluggish bath or kitchen drains and prevent clogs.

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  • SKU:6461

    Hercules 64 oz. Glug Liquid Drain Opener (kitchen), 20475


    Glug® Liquid Drain Opener offers specific formulations that clear sluggish bath or kitchen drains and prevent clogs.

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  • SKU:6480

    Hercules 8 oz. PVC Cement Medium Body, Medium Set (Clear), #60013


    For PVC Types, potable water, DWV, and SW pipe and fittings up to 6″ diameter Schedules 40 and 80 Meets ASTM D2564

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  • SKU:2375

    Hercules 9 oz. Soldering Paste, #10619


    Smooth, premium quality, petroleum-based flux Formulated for use in extreme climate temperatures all year long Self-cleaning, lead-free formula Will not lose its consistency in high or low temperatures Meets Commercial Item Description A-A-51145 (supersedes Fed Spec O-F-506)

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