Cut-Off Wheels

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    4 -1/2″ x7/8″ Metal/Stainless Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel


    Designed for use with small angle grinder Type 1A straight wheel for cutting Used at a 90-degree angle For cutting only, no grinding Aluminum oxide special grain cuts high-tensile strength materials without excessive fracturing Use for metal/stainless cutting Rapido™ technology performs up to 50% faster Requires less force Excellent for vibration-free cutting/no burning Not to …

    4 -1/2″ x7/8″ Metal/Stainless Abrasive Cut-Off WheelRead More

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  • SKU:8467

    4-1/2″ x 7/8″ Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel


    Extra-high cutting speed offering high productivity Ideal for cutting stainless steel thanks to low-burring and heat reducing feature Contaminant-free, for use on stainless steel or steel Universal Performance (UP) disc with a more flexible bond for lasting high performance and value OSA certified product complies with the highest safety standards Arbor Size: 7/8″

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