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Screw Caps and Screw Plugs

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  • Cover Cap for Slotted Screw


    Description Screw cap specially designed for screwing into a flat screw head See suggested products.

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  • Cover Cap for Undercut Type Screw


    Description 12 mm in diameter

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  • Decorative Metal Cover Cap


    Description 1 per package This Richelieu screw cover is specially designed to conceal the screw head. Its clean rounded shape will look great on kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

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  • Flat Wood Cover Cap


    Description The two different types of wood offer an impeccable finish that fits perfectly with your project.

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  • Metal Cover Cap


    Description Metal screw plug for #6 and #8 flat head wood screws. Can be used also with type 17, fine wood or coarse thread, square, Phillips or Quadrex drive.

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  • SKU:720030

    Plastic Cover Cap for #2 Phillips Drive Screws

    Minimum quantity: 5000
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  • Plastic Cover Cap for #2 Square Drive


    For #8 screw with #2 square drive To cover screws on furniture Diameter: 1/2 in Material: Plastic Technical documentation click here Technical documentation click here

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  • SKU:MP710030

    Plastic Cover Cap for Confirmat Screw


    Description 12 mm in diameter Screw cap specially designed for confirmat screws See suggested products.

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  • Plastic Cover Caps for #1 Square Drive


    Description For #6 screw with #1 square drive

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  • Plastic Hinge Hole Plug


    Description: Diameter: 37 mm Drilling Depth: 8 mm Drilling Diameter: 35 mm Material: Plastic

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  • Plastic Hole Plug


    Material: Plastic

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  • SKU:32009030

    Plastic Push Cap


    Description 12 mm in diameter The grooves allow the plug to hold securely in place.

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  • Plastic Push Hole Plug


    Bag of 1000 units

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  • Reclosable Plastic Cover Cap


    Description For #6 to #10 screws. – 1.42 cm (9/16″) in diameter

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  • Solid Wood Pocket-Hole Plugs


    Description Most of the time, pocket holes can be placed on the backside or underside of a project where they are hidden from view. However, from time to time you may need to place one in a visible location. We make solid wood plugs in a variety of wood species that can be glued in …

    Solid Wood Pocket-Hole PlugsRead More

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  • Special Cover Cap for Hi-Low Screw

    Minimum quantity: 1000
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