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Metal Dowels

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  • SKU:5996

    Conventional Dowel

    Minimum quantity: 100
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  • SKU:5857

    Double-Ended Dowel


    Description Double-ended dowel without circlip for increased tolerance.

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  • SKU:5410

    Heavy Duty Euro Dowel



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  • SKU:5860

    Hinged Dowel


    Description · Ideal for applications requiring angled joints · Can be used with all 12 mm and 15 mm diameter Cam2000 and Cam3000 products · Angle is adjustable from 90° to 180°

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  • SKU:5810

    Quickfit Dowel – 5810

    Minimum quantity: 100
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  • SKU:CP5810

    Quickfit Dowel – CP5810


    Description Quick hand-insertion, easy assembly Quickfit dowels may be inserted by hand, using only finger pressure. This eliminates the labor-intensive process of screw-in assembly and potential panel damage.

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  • SKU:5414

    Quickfit-P2F Dowel


    Description This dowel is the only product to enable normal panel drilling and connection of panel and hollow profile. Quickfit dowels do not need to be screwed into panels: when the cam on the casing is turned, the dowel expands inside the panel and becomes impossible to remove.

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  • SKU:48529834072G

    Zinc-Plated Steel Closed Head Dowel



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