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Category: Casings for L-Shaped Connections

Casings for L-Shaped Connections

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  • SKU:311860

    25 mm Ø Concealed Housing


    Minimum quantity: 100

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  • SKU:212030

    Minibloc Fitting


    Description – One-piece connector range. – Only face drilling required. – Easy to use with foolproof home insertion.

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  • Quickfit-Expando Housing

    Minimum quantity: 50
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  • Quickfit-Expando Housing Outrigger – Combined Assembly (front and top)


    Description Combined assembly (front and top) For increased strength. 10 mm diameter reinforcement dowel located 32 mm from the bracket. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Titus System Number: System 6 Drilling Diameter: 20 mm Insertion Type: Side-Entry Drive Type: Phillips Panel Thickness: 19 mm Drilling Depth: 14 mm Application: Quickfit-Expando Housing Flange: Without Flange Material: Plastic ADVANTAGES AND …

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