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  • SKU:T65160001

    Blum Tandem Template


    Description No holes for pre-boring vertically into drawer bottom or sub-front. Product number T65160001 Brand Blum Product Line TANDEM Tooling Type Jig / Template

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  • SKU:ZML3500

    Blum Box System Front Template for TandemBox


    Description Box system front template for TandemBox Intivo, 358/9M/K – TandemBox plus. Use to mark the locations of front fixing brackets to drawer fronts for drawers that are already installed in the cabinet. For one-time jobs or production runs. Eliminates the need for calculations and is very accurate. Product number ZML3500 Brand Blum Product Line …

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  • SKU:652950

    Blum Drawer Front Template


    Description Drawer front template for transferring the center point of the Blum 295100012 drawer front adjuster from the drawer front to the drawer box. For drawers using Tandem, Solo, or Standard runners. – 10 mm thick, 20 mm diameter. Product number 652950 Brand Blum Product Line MOVENTO, TANDEM, STANDARD Tooling Type Jig / Template

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  • SKU:ZML1090

    Blum Drilling Template Distance Bumper


    Description For processing 993.0530 and 993.0830 distance bumpers, front Jig stops allow pre-drilling of holes for stops on faces, either alone or mounted. Machining is possible following the tracing or with integrated stop (fixed side 20 mm). Product number ZML1090 Brand Blum Product Line MOVENTO, TANDEM, LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX Intivo, TANDEMBOX Antaro, TANDEMBOX Plus, AVENTOS, CLIP …

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  • SKU:655631US

    Blum Front Gap Template for TIP-ON Blumotion Slides


    Description The template allows convenient front gap adjustment to 2.5 mm for TIP-ON BLUMOTION. Product number 655631US Brand Blum Product Line LEGRABOX

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  • SKU:653300

    Blum Minifix Blum Jig


    Description Designed for type 230M (Standard) and 320M (Metabox) slides. For accurate positioning of screws and slides, this mounting tool is a must in terms of renovation. An optimal solution for a quick and easy installation of drawer boxes! Product number 653300 Brand Blum Product Line METABOX, STANDARD Tooling Type Accessory

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  • SKU:655632US

    Blum TIP-ON BLUMOTION for MOVENTO Front Gap Template


    Description Product number 655632US Brand Blum Product Line MOVENTO BLUM Technology Tip-On Blumotion Motion Technology Touch Release, Soft-Close

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  • SKU:T659000

    Blum Tool Set


    Description Tool set includes ø 2.5 mm drill bit extension, ø 6 mm stop collar, screwdriver tip, and Allen key. Product number T659000 Brand Blum Product Line TANDEM

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  • SKU:ZML0040

    Blum Universal Drilling Template


    Description Universal drilling template for marking or boring holes for front fixing brackets, drawer backs, and bottoms (Metabox C15). Works for both overlay and interior drawers. Suitable for the following drawers: Metabox 320/330 N,M,K,H and TandemBox 358 N,M. Includes template, ø 5 mm marking pin, ø 10 mm marking pin, ø 5 mm stop collar, …

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  • SKU:41800568

    Drill Jig for Eclipse Slide


    Description Product number 41800568 Brand Accuride Product Line ECLIPSE Finish Blue

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  • SKU:41800603

    Eclipse Tool Kit


    Description Product number 41800603 Brand Accuride Product Line ECLIPSE

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  • SKU:651085117

    Uniset Ram


    Description Product number 651085117 Brand FGV Product Line Uniset

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