PVA Glues

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  • SKU:CLW301G

    Glue – Wood


    Description PVA yellow woodworking adhesive

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  • SKU:84720

    Helmibond 0847 Premium Solid Wood Glue


    Description Helmibond #0847 is a fast-setting polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion adhesive that dries to a tough, durable, shock-resistant bond. Glue lines are practically colorless when dry, giving a professional finish and making this adhesive ideal for the highest quality woodwork. Helmibond #0847 has been formulated to resist the staining of woods high in tannic acid. …

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  • SKU:R5000530

    High Performance Hardwood Glue – LIONGRIP 5000


    Description LIONGRIP 5000 is a high performance millwork adhesive specially formulated for the manufacturing of edge and faced glued panels where extremely strong and resilient bonds on hardwoods are required.

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  • SKU:JW11060

    Jowacoll 110.60 Fast Set White Glue


    Description Extremely fast-setting, medium-viscosity PVA glue.

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  • SKU:JW11460

    Jowacoll 114.60 Dowel Driving Glue


    Description Specifically designed PVA glue for low-pressure models from manufacturers Koch, Hoffmann, Lehbrink, Weeke and Accu Systems.

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  • LW-10 Glue – White


    Description All-purpose PVA glue for joint assembly and cold press laminating.

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  • SKU:CLW205G

    LW-20 Glue – Yellow


    Description PVA wood glue. Suitable for joint assembly and bonding decorative laminate to wood products.

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  • LW-30 Glue – Yellow


    Description PVA wood glue suitable for joint assembly.

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  • LW-3100 – Glue


    Description PVA cold press adhesive Bonds to a variety of substrates with cold press times of 30-60 minutes.

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  • LW-3131 Glue – White


    Description A high solids emulsion of water, starch, and polyvinyl acetate suitable for bonding decorative laminate to wood products.

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  • LW-3135 – White Glue


    Description Flexible veneer PVA adhesive Exclusively designed to work with various substrates including MDF, particleboard, veneer-core, and fire-rated core.

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  • SKU:CLW33105G

    LW-3310 – Glue


    Description Adhesive for noncopper and nonferrous metal bonding

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  • SKU:CLW33305G

    LW-3330 – Glue


    Description Roller/spray adhesive for hard-to-bond surfaces

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    Melamine and Vinyl Adhesive


    Description An acrylic emulsion glue capable of bonding a variety of materials and substrates.

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  • Melamine Glue


    Description Acrylic adhesive for bonding non-porous materials to porous materials.

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  • Moisture Resistant Press Glue – LIONGRIP 2000


    LIONGRIP 2000 is a high performance millwork adhesive specifically formulated for applications where Type II water resistant bonds are required. Its viscosity is well suited for press gluing (hot and cold) as well as automated finger jointers and all roll coaters for flat laminations of veneer or High Pressure laminates (HPL). Also recommended for edge-gluing …

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