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Equipment and Accessories

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  • SKU:99303

    3M Industrial Hot Melt Gun



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  • SKU:WEBKIT1008341

    3M Industrial Hot Melt TC Gun



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  • SKU:AA23L45885

    Adjustable Flow Spray Gun for Glue Canisters


    Description Adjustable flow spray gun for glue canisters.

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  • SKU:110400

    Electric Gun for LIONGRIP Thermoplastic Hot-Melt Glue


    Description This electric glue gun has a powerful 220W heating element (ACNOR approval). The temperature is factory preset at 193 °C (379 °F).

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  • Hoses


    Description Diameter is 6.35 mm (1/4″)

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  • Spray Tip



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    T-Fitting for Two Flow Spray Guns


    Description To be use with large canister and jumbos more than 120 lbs.

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