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Table Hardware

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  • SKU:LEGH22

    Apron Leg Bracket


    Description Provides a brace to the table apron and a means for attaching wooden legs.

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  • SKU:651043430

    BUTTERFLY – Table Mechanism


    Description Transform your coffee table into a dining table for 6 people! The "Butterfly" mechanism is the smart solution for transforming a small everyday table into a large dining table that seats 6 people comfortably. Table top: 25 mm (63/64") thick material. Table top dimension: Coffee table: two choices: 80 cm x 80 cm (31 …

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  • SKU:651040010

    Connection Bar with Components for Table Lift Mechanism


    Description Reinforce your table’s structure! Ideal for reinforcing and stabilizing your coffee table. Made of aluminium, easily cut (even with a handsaw) to the right size, will not make sparks. Black epoxy

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  • SKU:56360090

    Desk Top Connector


    Description: Made from 2.6 mm steel. Dimension: 120 mm long x 60 mm wide in connected position. Firmly connects in a permanent and tight position.

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  • SKU:22202G

    Extension Hinge with Spring


    Description – Closed length 4". – Pivoting joint mechanism allows the extension panel to swing completely out of the way underneath the table surface.

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  • FALCO – Aluminum Legs for


    Description: The FALCO legs are available in different designs to meet your space decor. Combined with one of the FALCO frames, it created a stylish dining table with extensions to meet your everyday needs. Finish: Brushed Nickel (195) Load Capacity: 100 kg Material: Aluminum Width: 950 mm Height: 730 mm See below required products (FALCO …

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  • FALCO- Aluminum Table Frame


    Description The FALCO is available in three different configurations to meet your space needs. Sitting from 4 to 10 people when extended, its rectangular design with unique head-to-head extension can be combined with various leg designs. See below required products (FALCO – Aluminum Legs for Table Frame: #4116165195)

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  • SKU:B339

    False Front Connector Set



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  • SKU:298130

    Positioning System – 8 mm

    Minimum quantity: 50

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  • Receptacle for Latch 56360090


    Description 2.6 mm stainless steel. Dimensions: 120 mm long x 60 mm wide in connected position. This product ensures precise, secure latching.

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  • SKU:7823212110

    SURPRISE – Table Extension Mechanism with Central Telescopic Leg


    Description Transform a console to a dining table & vice versa Furniture that spontaneously adjusts to your needs! Impress your guests with this unique aluminum telescoping mechanism. Provided with a central telescopic table leg that provides extra support when your mechanism is deployed. Instantly transform your coffee table into a dining table. Dimensions: – Console: …

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  • SKU:4012

    Table Corner

    Minimum quantity: 8
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  • SKU:658002G

    Table Hinge

    Minimum quantity: 2
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  • Table Leveler


    Description Two-part set.

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  • Table Lift Mechanism


    Description Customize your table with a concealed mechanism A coffee table is a versatile piece of furniture that effectively combines function and style. Custom that ordinary table to a practical & functional application. The table top lifts to be used as a work surface when seated and also reveals a storage compartment beneath.

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  • SKU:63720130

    Table Lock

    Minimum quantity: 2
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