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Electronic Locks

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  • SKU:4015400

    Electronic Lock


    Description Remote control Electronic lock that works with remote control #400890 or #400830 .

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  • SKU:400890

    Electronic Lock Remote Control


    Description Wireless remote control that operates electronic lock #4015400.

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  • SKU:4001490

    Electronic Lock with Keypad


    Description This electronic lock is the perfect solution for applications where security and convenience are key. – Security: Codes must be between 3 and 10 digits. – Convenience: 2 operating modes are offered, a fixed code (one code for all users) and a user-specific code (one code per user).

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  • SKU:501490

    Fingerprint Lock


    Description Security at your fingertips! Richelieu innovates again to present this biometric locking system for comfortable, electronic furniture locking.

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  • SKU:40063100

    Handle for 4001490


    Description Handle for electronic lock 4001490 to facilitates the opening and closing of the door.

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