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Concealed Furniture Levelers

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  • Adjustable Leveler

    Minimum quantity: 4
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  • SKU:10962G

    Allen Key


    Description 6 mm hexagonal Allen key for #30000090 and #30000190 levelers.

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  • SKU:3060502G

    Concealed Leveler

    Minimum quantity: 4
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  • SKU:GLIK75516

    Corner Brace for Cabinet Leveler


    Description – rugged corner brace that can be used on cabinets, wall units and various case goods – no boring or gluing; use in place of costly wood blocks

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  • Cover Cap


    Description Cover cap for #642 screw.

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    Free Code – Combination Lock


    Description Free Code The combination is the key. In order to know that valuables and personal belongings are kept safe, all you need is a freely selected, four-digit code. Richelieu’s new combination locks guarantee that safety by offering the perfect solution with a keyless security lock for all applications.

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  • SKU:190502G

    Furniture Lift Mechanism


    Description 14 mm (1/2") Lift Capacity The Furniture lift mechanism is designed to lift a piece of furniture or door. The lifting is done by manually pushing downward on the leveler with minimum force.

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  • SKU:30108090

    INTEGRATO Adjustable Furniture Leveler

    Minimum quantity: 4
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  • SKU:30220090

    Leveler with 2 Dowels

    Minimum quantity: 4
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  • SKU:6422G

    M10 Screw

    Minimum quantity: 10
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