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Category: Components for On level Clear View Glass Railings

Components for On level Clear View Glass Railings

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  • SKU:HR90010011000

    Flex-Fit Adjustment Tool


    Description Glass panel alignment adjust This adjustment tool is used with the Flex-Fit system to modify the alignment of your glass balustrade. Simply insert on the balcony side of the glass and use the handle to slide the track to position the angle of the glass panel with a precision of up to 1 mm.

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  • SKU:HR90010010000

    Flex-Fit Combination Installation Tool


    Description For adjustment and installation This two-in-one tool is used to complete the installation of your Flex-Fit system. Use the “hammer” end to push the wedge firmly into place, locking the position of your panel. Next, adjust the tool to put away the “hammer” end and use the roller end to push the final rubber …

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