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Category: Ropes, Cables, and Chains

Ropes, Cables, and Chains

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  • SKU:464310497

    Bead Chain #10


    Description Roll of 500 linear foot This chain can be cut. Simply cut between the beads using scissors or pliers to adjust the chain to the desired length.

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  • SKU:464310498

    Chain Coupling



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  • SKU:464301050



    Box of 2000

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  • SKU:3053BC

    Spring Snap Link


    Description For indoor and outdoor use This spring snap link allows quick attachments of all types of material and equipment. It can be used for rope, chain, backpacks, cable, straps, leashes, and more. Available in a variety of sizes.

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  • SKU:464311846

    Square Eye Snap


    Bag of 300 units

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