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  • Holey PowerMags


    Blister of 10 Units

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  • SKU:47803R

    Magnetic Strip with Wide Adhesive Backing


    Minimum quantity: 5

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  • SKU:47814R

    Magnetic Tape with Adhesive Backing


    Minimum quantity:5

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  • Neodymium Disc Magnets


    Description High-performance N38 neodymium magnets.Ideal for door catches.

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  • SKU:918934

    Super Mag Magnet


    Description The Super Mag is great for cut lists or anytime you want to hold something to a metal surface. It is powered by 6 high-performance neodynium magnets encased in soft, non-marring EVA polymer. An extra long knob allows quick placement and removal. Stop the struggle!

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