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  • SKU:3140

    1lbs Brazing Rod 5% Silver (28 Sticks)

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  • SKU:2342

    50/50 Solder Wire


    50 Sn/50 Pb 3 mm, 0.125″, 1 lb 450°F – 464°F melting range Acid flux is contained within the core

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  • SKU:1814

    95/5 Lead Free Solder Wire


    Lead-free alloy of 95% tin and 5% antimony 3 mm, 0.125″, 1lb. 450°F – 464°F melting range

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  • SKU:8837

    Blue Monster 32 oz. Arctic Armor Spray-on Thermal Shield Gel, 71028


    It only takes half a minute for a small flame to turn into a full-blown, life-threatening fire. In as little as 30 seconds a small flame can become a raging fire that ravages a home and threatens the life of those inside.
    Blue Monster® Arctic Armor creates a thermal barrier that protects surfaces from costly heat damage during soldering, welding and brazing operations. Spray on hard-to-reach surfaces or apply to any surface to shield studs, walls, doors and other surfaces from flames, sparks and molten splash.

    Arctic Armor’s unique gelled formula sticks to surfaces without drips and runs, and evaporates within 48 hours eliminating cleanup. Arctic Armor is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and 100% biodegradable!

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  • SKU:2390

    Solder Wire Silversol


    3 mm 0.125″, 1 lb 450°F – 464°F melting range

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