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Brand: Mohawk


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  • SKU:M7452012

    Aerosol Activator


    Description The aerosol Activator has been formulated so it can be used successfully in just about any situation you can think of. For best results, apply sparingly at a distance of about 11 inches from the target. – Cures Instant Adhesive on white wood dents in about ten seconds or less without causing undue chlorosis. …

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  • SKU:M7453550

    CA Glue Tips


    Description Thin, needle-like plastic tube attaches to the tapered tip of the CA glue bottle. Allows you to dispense glue into cracks and joints. This easily replaceable tip helps avoid clogging of the main tip on the bottle. For use with Hot Stuff Instant Glue only.

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  • Epoxy Adhesive and accessories


    Description Two-part industrial-grade adhesive, mixed in the dispensing unit tip. No mess, no measuring. Sets in 6 to 8 minutes. Clear tone available. NOTE: Mixing tips are not included with adhesive or gun and must be purchased separately.

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  • SKU:M7452125

    Epoxy Paste Adhesive


    Description High-quality epoxy adhesive in paste form. This product is designed as a general-purpose, rapid-setting adhesive that provides excellent results. Heavy enough to use without sagging or dripping on vertical surfaces. Can be pre-mixed with Blendal® Powders to match the finish being repaired. This epoxy adhesive can handle the toughest projects, including badly splintered wooden …

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  • SKU:M7453540

    Hot Stuff Activator, Solvent and accessories


    Description Positively the finest gluing system developed to date! Incredible strength, easy to use. Dries instantly with accelerator solvent.

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  • Hot Stuff Glue


    Description Positively the finest gluing system developed to date! Incredible strength, easy to use. Dries instantly with accelerator solvent. Available in three different viscosities to handle a multitude of repair jobs, from wobbly chairs to china or glass.

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  • Liquid Epoxy Glue


    Description This product retains all of the physical strengths of epoxy adhesives while offering the added advantage of quick setting, even in thin films and at low temperatures. Can bond steel, ceramics, copper, wood, and nearly all other types of materials including concrete. This product is non-shrinking and will even harden under water. 12-hour cure …

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  • SKU:M7453404

    Super Grip Resin Glue


    Description Cream-colored liquid adhesive, dries colorless. This heavy-duty, ready-to-use aliphatic resin adhesive features outstanding strength and is resistant to solvents, heat, and impacts. Unharmed by repeated freezing and thawing. Super Grip Glue bonds a wide variety of materials including leather, imitation leather, high pressure laminates, cloth, and certain rubber products to themselves or to other …

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