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Brand: Blum


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  • BLUMOTION Cylinder


    Description: Material: Plastic Finish: Grey Milling Diameter: 10 mm The perfection of soft, silent movement. For drilling or for use with adapter plate.  

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  • BLUMOTION Door Bumper – 971A


    BLUMOTION 971A can be used with CLIP top glass door or mini hinges as well as with all other “straight arm” hinges. For optimal BLUMOTION effect, it should be attached centrally between the two hinges.

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  • BLUMOTION Door Bumper 973A


    BLUMOTION 973A, in combination with CLIP and CLIP top hinges, is the ideal solution for perfect door motion. Hand assembly and removal can be carried out very easily.

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  • Cut-to-Size Cross Divider Gallery for TANDEMBOX Plus


    Description For use with gallery rods. Product Line TANDEMBOX Plus Configuration Single Tube Brand Blum

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  • SKU:655020

    Drilling Jig for AVENTOS, TANDEM and MOVENTO


    Description For simple and precise transferring, marking, and drilling of fixing positions for Blum fittings. Product number 655020 Brand Blum Material Plastic Finish Black System Type Aventos

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  • SKU:ZI70M07107

    LEGRABOX Driving Plate Pin for Interior Drawers


    Description: Product number: ZI70M07107 Product Line: LEGRABOX Drawer Use: Roll-Out Configuration: High Panels

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  • METABOX Series 330M-C15 Full Extension Drawer Sides – US


    Description Positioning guide for system 32 Metabox series 330M full extension drawer sides. Positioning guide for system 32 The assembly method requires holes to be drilled at the back of the drawer Allows to assemble the drawer without any tools. White Load Capacity: 30 kg Futures: Installation Type: Assembly Prongs (C15) Slide Extension: Full Extension …

    METABOX Series 330M-C15 Full Extension Drawer Sides – USRead More

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    Description A new type of storage space With SPACE STEP, you can not only plan taller furniture, but also create a new additional storage space in the base area. Load Capacity 150 kg Standards and Certifications EN-14183 Slide Mounted Side Mounted Application Furniture Drawer BLUM Technology Blumotion Brand Blum Motion Technology Soft-Close BLUM Height K, …

    SPACE STEP SetsRead More

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  • Standard Drawer – Height M (83 mm) for TIP-ON BLUMOTION


    Description: BLUM Height: M BLUM Technology: Tip-On Blumotion Drawer Use: Standard Drawer Panels: Double Wide Configuration: Standard Panels Slide Extension: Full Extension Load Capacity: 30 kg Finish: Silk White Material: Metal Height: 83 mm Slide Mounted: Bottom-Mounted Motion Technology: Touch Release, Soft-Close Cabinet Model: Frameless Product Line: TANDEMBOX Intivo Application: General Storage Included in this …

    Standard Drawer – Height M (83 mm) for TIP-ON BLUMOTIONRead More

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  • Standard Drawer Front Fixing Bracket for Metabox M, K, and H


    Description Finish: Nickel BLUM Height: H, K, M Product Line: METABOX Drawer Use: Standard Configuration: Standard Panels Technical documentation click here

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  • SKU:T60B3330105

    Tip-On Blumotion Kits for Tandembox


    The Tip-On Blumotion unit comes in different strengths, adapted to the load ranges and nominal lengths. Each variant has a different color so that it can be easily identified. The driving plate pin is used universally for all Tip-on Blumotion units

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  • SKU:T60L1118W

    TIP-ON BLUMOTION Synchronization Linkage for LEGRABOX and MOVENTO


    Description Product number T60L1118W Finish Black Motion Technology Touch Release, Soft-Close Product Line LEGRABOX Length 1 118 mm Brand Blum BLUM Technology Tip-On Blumotion

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