Zipbolt Universal Tool 11.550 – Angled Railbolt

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The UT Angled Railbolt, is primarily designed for the stair industry, to solve the problem of secretly attaching the hand rail at an angle to a newel post. The connector uses the UT drive technology which enables easy tightening at a right angle and deep with in the hand rail just using a hex bit or simple Allen key. The pivoting 8 mm shaft has a coach bolt thread (wood thread) which can be simply hand wound into the post and once the hand rail has been bored and the angle cut (last) it is easily attached. The pivoting action caters to any necessary angle open or closed, and produces a strong joint without the unsightly long screw going through the visible face of the newel post or ugly filled nail holes.


  • Finish: Zinc
  • Types: Accessories and Connectors
  • Specific Application: Wood Railing and Stair
  • Standards and Certifications: Not Certified
  • Material: Steel
Weight 0.03 lbs


Instruction Angled Railbolt

Instruction Angled Railbolt
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