Zipbolt Slipfix RailBolt

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Slipfix Railbolt is an innovative new product for the stair industry. Its practical design allows you to install a handrail between two fixed posts. The Slipfix is pre-installed in both ends of the rail and retracts flush with the end grain. When the handrail is lowered between the posts, the connector pin is deployed to engage with the keyhole discs in the posts. Once connected, simply tighten the gear housing and voila. The boring of holes in the handrail is similar to that of other Zipbolt Railbolts and you can use the Railbolt Drill Guide.

  • Finish: Zinc
  • Types: Accessories and Connectors
  • Specific Application: Wood Railing and Stair, Steel Railing and Stair
  • Standards and Certifications: Not Certified
  • Material: Steel
Weight 0.03 lbs


Data sheet Zipbolt Slipfix RailBolt, Instruction Zipbolt Slipfix RailBolt

Data sheet Zipbolt Slipfix RailBolt
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Instruction Zipbolt Slipfix RailBolt
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