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Wooden Wine Rack Set – 360 Bottles



Wooden rack set for wall ideal for your wine cellar. This configuration is designed for a space of 203.2 cm x 195.58 cm x 22.86 cm (80″ x 77″ x 9″), and will allow you to store up to 360 bottles. To place your order, please add product WEBKIT1216769 to your cart, grouping all necessary items.


  • Species: Torrefied Trembling Aspen
  • Bottle Type: Standard
  • Height: 77 in
  • Width: 80 in
  • Depth: 9 in
  • Number of Bottles: 360

The modular racks are made from torrefied poplar. This technology of thermotransformation does not use chemicals during wood transformation. The process is Finnish in origin and offers wood protection against warping, cracking, mold, and fungi. The aroma of roasted coffee produced by the product is light, natural and does not impair the preservation of the wine. Torrefied wood also offers exceptional mechanical properties that make racks extremely robust and safe for long-term storage of bottles.

– Torrefied aspen poplar wood (against warping, cracking, mold and fungus)
– Light and natural coffee aroma (no impact on wine conservation)
– Very robust
– Safe for long-term storage of bottles
– Easy to assemble, no cutting required
– Ready to assemble
– Product of Quebec
– Can be painted with a water-based product.

DISCLAIMER: This configuration includes the following items: 1 CCIS83051 1 CCIS124551 2 CCID323051 2 CCID484551 2 CDIA363051 2 CDIA544551 1 CBM9651 1 MJ009651 1 MF009651.

Crosspiece without Grooves

Universal Joint Molding

Classic Standard Racks

Base and Top Shelf with Moulding


Technical documentation click here

Weight 40 lbs


Instructions for bulk racks, Instructions for corner racks, Instructions for glass shelf racks, Instructions for standart racks

Instructions for bulk racks
Download PDF
Instructions for corner racks
Download PDF
Instructions for glass shelf racks
Download PDF
Instructions for standart racks
Download PDF