Torsion Bars for FREEslide and FREEswing




Weight 1.1 lbs

1 074 mm, 1 470 mm, 474 mm, 674 mm, 774 mm, 874 mm


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  • FREEslide Lift System


    Description: With the FREEslide model, the front panel lifts vertically, opening up new possibilities for kitchen planning and design. FREEslide is the perfect option for stacked units and wall units with top lighting or cornices. The integrated multi-position stop ensures the front panel can be stopped immediately and securely in any position. Door Type: Wood …

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  • SKU:WEBKIT1239541

    FREEswing Lift System


    Door Height: 370 to 400 mm, Door Weight: 3.3 to 6.3 kg

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