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Stair Racks




  • Product number: CIE68-G, CIE68-D
  • Bottle Type: Standard
  • Number of Bottles: 68
  • Height: 45 in
  • Width: 35 in
  • Depth: 9 in
  • Species: Torrefied Trembling Aspen
  • Bottle Volume: 750 ml
  • Production Time: Call customer service
  • Included: Wood components, Metal wall bracket
  • The space to place the bottle in the rack is 3-1/2″ wide by 2-7/8″ high.


–  False wood torrefied poplar (against warping, cracking, mold and fungus)
– Light and natural coffee aroma (no effect on wine conservation)
– Very robust
– Safe for long-term storage of bottles
– Easy to assemble, no cutting required
– Ready to assemble
– Product of Quebec
– Can be painted with a water-based product
The modular racks are made from torrefied poplar. This thermal processing technology is completely natural and no other elements are added during the process. The process is Finnish in origin and offers wood protection against warping, cracking, mold and fungi. The aroma of roasted coffee produced by the product is light, natural and does not impair the preservation of the wine. Torrefied wood also offers exceptional mechanical properties that make racks extremely robust and safe for long-term bottle storage.


Weight N/A


Instructions for bulk racks, Instructions for corner racks, Instructions for glass shelf racks, Instructions for standart racks


Left upward slope, Right upward slope

Instructions for bulk racks
Download PDF
Instructions for corner racks
Download PDF
Instructions for glass shelf racks
Download PDF
Instructions for standart racks
Download PDF