Sliding Door Plunger Lock 1″




Cabinet locks for Olympus 300SD (sliding door) lock. Easily rekeyable without removal from cabinet via a speed release mechanism such as manufactured by Olympus Lock, Inc. All locks include working cylinder slides and forwardly removable cylinders for rekeying without totally disassembling lock body, built-in bolt extension and strike locator. Locks include two keys per lock and are capable of being keyed alike, keyed different and/or master keyed per supplied schedule.

  • Cylinder Length: 1 in
  • Panel Thickness: Max. 1 in
  • Cylinder Diameter: 7/8 in
  • Application: Sliding Wood Doors
  • Finish: Satin Chrome
  • Plate Length: 2 in
  • Cylinder Type: Solid Brass, Pin Tumbler
  • Position: Left & Right
  • Cylinder Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Zinc Die-Cast
  • Key Turn Degree: 90°
  • Furniture Material: Wood

Included product(s)

– 1 matching thimble strike
– 1 machine thread bolt extender for varying gaps between bypassing doors
– 1 machine thread strike locator
– 2 keys per lock

Important information

Keying information:
keyway: n series (equivalent to national d4291 4-pin or d4292 5-pin system)

rekeying instructions:
note: these locks do not need to be removed from the cabinet to be rekeyed.

1. Open lock (cylinder projects forward).
2. Locate “speed release” button on left side of projected cylinder and depress with sharp tool. Cylinder will spring forward.
3. Turn key 1/4 turn and pull cylinder forward out of lock.
4. Pull up retaining pin located at rear of cylinder. Cylinder may be rekeyed in two ways: use a follow tool to remove plug, or access top slide.
5. After keying, hold bolt stable and reinsert cylinder while depressing “speed release.” lock cylinder will automatically realign itself and snap back into place.

* removable key in locked or unlocked position.

* for all other requests relating to olympus lock locks, such as available finishes, special key, and more, come and discover our complete range via the 100k program.

Advantages and benefits

– plunger lock
– speed release mechanism for easy rekeying
– solid brass pin tumbler cylinder drilled for 5 pins
– for material thickness: 7/8″

Weight 0.3 lbs
Key Type

Keyed Alike #101, Keyed Different