Pressure Switch 3-21″BreakOnFall M/R 1/4″NPT

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Used in positive-pressure or differential-pressure systems to sense gas or air pressure changes.

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  • Diaphragm-actuated safety-limit switch.
  • Switch can be wired to turn on alarm.
  • C6097A models break control circuit at setpoint on pressure fall.
  • Lockout with manual reset and recycle options.
  • Lockout models have external manual reset button.
  • Removable transparent cover protects scaleplate and adjusting knob.
  • Pipe tappings allow selection of positive pressure (air only) or venting connections (NPT mount only).
  • 1/4 in. NPT or flange mount models for direct mounting to Honeywell Integrated Valve Train.
  • Optional switch position indicator lamp available.
  • IP54 enclosure standard.
  • Ranges: 0.4 to 5 in.wc, 3 to 21 in.wc, 12 to 60 in.wc or 1.5 to 7 psi.
  • Surge orifice.
  • Integral vent limiter on all models.


    Specifications Pressure Switch



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    Specifications Pressure Switch
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