Modular Orgaline Kit for Utensil/Knive and Small Electrical Appliance Drawers. 22″ deep x 16″ wide (550 mm x 400 mm)

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Orgaline for utensils provides visibility, security, and organization for any drawer. Store your large utensils, cutting knives, and small electrical appliances, all in a single drawer. This product features removable containers in high-grade stainless steel that are dishwasher-safe for easy, time-saving cleaning.

Please note that the required interior drawer depth is between:
452 mm and 476 mm for all 500 mm drawers (NL-48 to NL-24)
502 mm and 526 mm for all 550 mm drawers (NL-48 to NL-24)
(NL = Nominal slide length)

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For Wood Drawers

Drawer Depth
550 mm

Weight 4 lbs