ECO FELTAC® – Beige Round Felt Pads



  • Premium quality floor protectors
  • Made of recycled fibers, ECO FELTAC® is the best protection for your flooring, thanks to the strong adhesive injected deep into the felt.
  • Recommended Surfaces: Tile/ Ceramic/ Linoleum, Hardwood/Laminate
  • Finish: Beige
  • Mounting Type: Self-adhesive
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Polyester
  • Features: Recycled Fibers

Advantages and benefits

Powerful adhesive injected deep into pad
Recycled fibers
Soft, durable polyester contact pad
Makes furniture easier to move


  1. Remove old pad, clean thoroughly to remove dirt build-up; leave to dry.
    2. Remove protective paper; do not touch adhesive.
    3. Position as desired and press firmly; cannot be repositioned.

Important information

Use safe lifting techniques to avoid injury; do not manually lift heavy objects.
Care must be taken when installing pads to ensure effectiveness; not all furniture sits squarely on floor.
Check periodically for wear; felt should be replaced accordingly.

Weight 10 lbs

102 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 29 mm, 38 mm, 48 mm, 57 mm, 76 mm

Packaging format

Blister of 16 units, Blister of 24 units, Blister of 4 units, Blister of 48 units, Blister of 8 units, Box of 208, Box of 216, Box of 48, Box of 70