Drilling Template for Hinge

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This template is a comprehensive device for accurately aligning hinges with their corresponding mounting plates and vice versa. The process is simple and involves little or no measuring, greatly reducing the possibility of operator error. For field installations or setting up production runs, this template will quickly prove itself to be a valuable tool.

  • Material: Steel, Nylon
  • Manufacturing Type: CLIP top BLUMOTION/CLIP top, MODUL, AVENTOS HF
  • Type: Jig/Template

The template kit includes:
– 1 rail (1100 mm)
– 2 adjustable templates
– 2 marking punch
– 1 adjustable door overlay stop
– 1 fixed stop (for assembled cabinets)
– 1 fixed stop (for unassembled cabinets)

Important information:

  •  drilling sleeve dimensions changed from 2.5 mm to 5 mm for drilling for in-line mounting plates.
  •  locate and match positions of hinges and plates on cabinets and doors.
  •  transfer positions from door to cabinet and cabinet to door.
  •  adjustable stop for various door overlays.
  •  for use with wing or in-line mounting plates.- clip top blumotion hinges should be operated within the temperature range of 18 °c and 28 °c to ensure optimal functioning.
  •  because blumotion function now comes integrated with the hinge, additional assembly processes are no longer necessary after adjustment is complete.

Technical documentation click here

Technical documentation click here

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Drilling Template for Hinge

Drilling Template for Hinge
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