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Adapter, Loox5 device – Loox driver


Volts: 12 V
Wattage: max. 42 W
Application: For connecting Loox devices to Loox5 drivers or Loox distributors.
Suitable for all devices with 2-pin Loox5 plug, e.g. monochrome lights, distributors, charging stations, etc.
Current carrying capacity: 3.5 A
Length: (1/2″) 13 mm
Drill hole diameter: (1 3/4″) 45 mm
Not suitable for 4-pin Loox5 plugs (multi-white or RGB).
The current carrying capacity is limited to 3.5 A.
Observe maximum wattage!

Supplied with 6 adapters

Weight 0.03 lbs

Loox Driver

Loox Driver
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