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Structural Adhesives

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    Description For anchoring and patching Rockite is a hydraulic type cement compound. Typical applications are for setting floor closers in commercial doors or attaching side shoe rails on glass doors. Self-leveling Rockite is mixed with water and sets in 15 minutes. Within one hour, a compression strength of 4500 lbs per square inch is achieved.

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    Stainless Steel Glue


    Description Structural Bonding This glue has the strength of an epoxy and the speed of an instant adhesive. It cures in minutes, making it ideal for applications requiring quick bonding. Description of the product – volume: 50 ml; color: amber; gap fill: 0.02; tensile strength: 2,700 psi; viscosity: 18,000 cP; temperature range: from -54°C (-65°F) …

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    Stainless Steel Glue Activator


    Description: Low temperature curing Primer: Loctite 7649 Surface Treatment – Activator, solvent based Increases the cure speed of adhesives without significant loss of joint strength. Ideal for applications on passive metals or inert surfaces, such as stainless steel and glass Application: Applicable materials for glue: most metals, glass. Resistance: weather, solvent. Recommended when the application …

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